Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with excellent students in both traditional classrooms and field-based settings.  Some of the most formative experiences and focused learning occur during independent study projects.  I mentor projects during the academic year and the summer, seeking to link previous course work, study abroad, and related experiences to focused research activities.  Students iteratively develop their research projects, learn social science research methods, and carry out proposed work with the objective of producing high quality analytical research papers or similar products.

The following  list summarizes many of the undergraduate research projects that I have directed or co-directed:

Academic Year 2018-2019

  • Dominic Scicchitano (BA ENST/SPAN ’19): Senior Honors Thesis. “A Comparative Analysis of Counterhegemonic Environmental-Economic Projects in Latin America and the United States.”

Summer 2018

  • Camryn Goldstein (BA ENST ’20): Summer Research Project. “Cattle Ranching and Biodiversity Loss.” Funded by the Bucknell Emerging Scholars Fund.

Academic Year 2017-2018

  • Adriana DiSilvestro (BA ENST ’18): Senior Honors Thesis (directed by Prof. Amanda Wooden). “Virunga: Guns, Gorillas, and the Construction of Transnational Natures.”

Summer 2016

  • Stephen Mayer (BA ECON/ENST ’19): Summer Research Project. “Environmental Governance at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.” Funded by NSF Project #1560812.

Academic Year 2015-16

  • Amanda Fazio (BA ENST ’16): Senior Thesis. “Grounded Resistance to REDD+.”

Summer 2014/Academic Year 2014-15

  • Alanna Fitzpatrick (BA ENST /SPAN ’15): Summer Research Project/Senior Honors Thesis. “Food Access and Justice in Bridgeport, Connecticut.” Funded in part by the David and Patricia Ekedahl Endowment [2014-15].
  • Alexa Preucil (BA ENST ’15): Summer Research Project. “A Tale of Two Cities: Sydney and New York City’s Response to Climate Through Sustainability Policy.” Funded by the Emerging Scholars in Interdisciplinary Studies Fund [Summer 2014].
  • Theresa Schaffner (BSBA MSUS ’15): Summer Research Project. “A Study and Social Network Analysis of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.” Funded by the David and Patricia Ekedahl Endowment [Summer 2014].
  • Annie Dempsey (BA ENST/ECON ’16): Summer Research Project. “Industrial Pork, Beef, and Poultry Farming in the Central Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania.” Funded by the David and Patricia Ekedahl Endowment [Summer 2014].

Summer 2013/Academic Year 2013-14

  • Ertel, Jessica (BA Interdepartmental Major ’14): Senior Thesis. “Loud Responses to Silent Violence” [2013-14].
  • Allie Valenti (BA ENST ’14): Independent Study. “Interagency Collaboration and Federal Sustainability Programs: An Analysis of Executive Order 13514” [Fall 2013].
  • Josh Berliner (BA ENST/ECON ’15): Summer Research Project. “A Comprehensive Assessment of Bucknell’s Water Usage with Low Flow Water Fixtures.” Funded by the David and Patricia Ekedahl Endowment [Summer 2013].
  • Zach Berliner (BA ENST/ECON ’15): Summer Research Project. “Recycling at Bucknell University: A Comprehensive Assessment with a Focus on the Visual Component of Recycling.” Funded by the Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation [Summer 2013].

Academic Year 2011-12

  • Kaitlyn Tsukada (BA ENST ’12): Senior Thesis. “Dependent Development: The Impact of USAID Funding on Two Natural Resources Management Programs in the Philippines” [2011-12].
  • Hallie Kennan (BA ENST ’12): Senior Honors Thesis. “Assessing Recycling Behavior through Waste Audits at Bucknell University.” Co-advisor with Dina El-Mogazi [2011-12].

Academic Years 2005-2010

  • Molly Burke (BA ENST/POLS ’10): Summer Research Project. “Carbon Impact Analysis of Bucknell University’s Solid Waste Program” [Summer 2009].
  • Jacob Shirmer (BA ENST/ECON ’08): Independent Study. “Feasibility Analysis of Green Roofs at Bucknell University” [Fall 2007].
  • Bonnie Heiple (BA Interdepartmental Major ’06): Senior Thesis. “Toward Effective Implementation: An Analysis of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)” [2005-06].

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