Neoliberal Progressions in Southeastern Mexico

The Neoliberal Progressions project (1998-present) draws upon field-based, ethnographic and historical research in Quintana Roo, Mexico that largely concluded in 2010. It analyzes the active engagements of rural producers, government representatives, NGOs, and private sector interests as they have navigated wide-ranging neoliberal reforms across the agrarian sector.    This research has led to articles in journals such as Antipode and Environment and Planning A as well as a chapter in an edited volume entitled The Community Forests of Mexico (2005).  The project has been supported by grants from the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) among others.

community forests of Mexico cover_


2010. The Receiving End of Reform: Everyday Responses to Neoliberalization in Southeastern Mexico. Antipode 42(3):767-799.

2009. Shades of Social Capital: Elite Persistence and the Everyday Politics of Community Forestry in Southeastern Mexico. Environment and Planning A 41(2):389-406 .

2009. Social Process as Everyday Practice: The Micro Politics of Conservation and Development in Southeastern Mexico. Policy Sciences 42(2):137-162.

2005.   Community Adaptation or Collective Breakdown?   The Formation of “Work Groups” in Two Ejidos in Quintana Roo, Mexico.   Pp. 151-179 In Bray et al.   The Community Forests of Mexico:   Managing for Sustainable Landscapes .   Austin: University of Texas Press.


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