Assembling the Green Economy

Assembling the Green Economy examines the defining logics, organizational networks, and practices associated with constituting dynamic, transnational governance regimes framed in terms of “the Green Economy.”

Nature Inc cover medium


2019. “Environmental Governance in Motion: Practices of Assemblage and the Political Performativity of Economistic Conservation.” World Development 124

2017. (with Ken MacDonald). “Fields of Green: Corporate Sustainability and the Production of Economistic Environmental Governance.” Environment and Planning A 49(8): 1824-1845.

2014.  “Capitalizing Conservation/Development: Dissimulation, Misrecognition, and the Erasure of Power.”  In Büscher, Fletcher, and Dressler, eds. Nature™ Inc.: Environmental Conservation in the Neoliberal Age. Tuscon: University of Arizona Press.


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