Selected Publications

2019. “Environmental Governance in Motion: Practices of Assemblage and the Political Performativity of Economistic Conservation.” World Development 124

2017. (with Ken MacDonald). “Fields of Green: Corporate Sustainability and the Production of Economistic Environmental Governance.” Environment and Planning A 49(8): 1824-1845.

2014.  “Capitalizing Conservation/Development: Dissimulation, Misrecognition, and the Erasure of Power.”  In Büscher, Fletcher, and Dressler, eds. Nature™ Inc.: Environmental Conservation in the Neoliberal Age. Tuscon: University of Arizona Press.

2010. The Receiving End of Reform: Everyday Responses to Neoliberalization in Southeastern Mexico. Antipode 42(3):767-799.

2010. Beyond Exclusion: Alternative Approaches to Biodiversity Conservation in the Developing Tropics. Current Opinions in Environmental Sustainability 2(1-2): 94-100 (with S. Lele, D. Brockington, R. Seidler, and K.S. Bawa).

2009. Shades of Social Capital: Elite Persistence and the Everyday Politics of Community Forestry in Southeastern Mexico. Environment and Planning A 41(2):389-406 .

2009. Social Process as Everyday Practice: The Micro Politics of Conservation and Development in Southeastern Mexico. Policy Sciences 42(2):137-162.

2003. Contested Nature: Promoting International Biodiversity with Social Justice in the Twenty-first Century .   Albany: SUNY Press (Co-edited with Steve Brechin, Crystal Fortwangler, and Pat West).

2005.   Community Adaptation or Collective Breakdown?   The Formation of “Work Groups” in Two Ejidos in Quintana Roo, Mexico.   Pp. 151-179 In Bray et al.   The Community Forests of Mexico:   Managing for Sustainable Landscapes .   Austin: University of Texas Press.

2002.   Reinventing a Square Wheel: Critique of a Resurgent ‘Protection Paradigm’ in International Biodiversity Conservation. Society and Natural Resources 15:17-40. (with Steve Brechin, Crystal Fortwangler, and Pat West).


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